Leaves have a gold margin with medium to dark green center.  Pale lavender flowers on 40” scapes from early to late July.  Medium growth rate. 

Mound size:  28" high x 60" wide

Leaves have a white margin with a blue-green center.  Near white flowers in dense clusters from mid-June into early July on 30” scapes.  Slow growth rate.

Mound size:  24" high x 73" wide

Leaves are bright gold.  Very pale lavender flowers from late June into July on scapes up to 37” high.  Medium to slow growth rate. 

Mound size:  22" high x 54" wide

Big, heart-shaped blue-grey leaves and tall stems of near-white flowers in midsummer. Good for planting in mixed containers or tubs. Average plant size: 30" high by 87" wide.

One of the largest Hostas available, dark green 'Empress Wu' matures to a height of 4ft in about five years.  Light lavender flowers appear on 5 foot tall scapes in midsummer.  Fast growth rate.  Mound size:  4 foot high x 5-6 feet wide. 

Thick leaves of blue-green with streaky margins that begin gold and age to creamy white. White flowers appear in late summer. Good slug resistance.

Average plant size: 26" high by 50" wide.

Unusual grey-green foliage with deep purple petioles. Light purple flowers appear in late July to mid-August.

Average plant size: 16" high by 30" wide.

Dark green contrasts nicely with the rich yellow margin. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Average plant size: 18" high by 40" wide.