Leaves are blue-green, deeply cupped.  Near white flowers on 2-foot scapes in late June.  Slow growth rate.  American Hosta Growers Association 2014 Hosta of the Year.    Mound size:  20" High x 45" wide.  

This hosta features a striking yellow margin surrounding the large green, heart-shaped leaves.  Pale lavender flowers in early summer   Mound size:  24" High x 48" wide.  

Cascading heart-shaped green leaves with white centers.  The green margins measure up to 2 inches wide with a lighter green area appearing where the margins and centers overlap.  Light lavender flowers in midsummer.  Mound size:  16" High x 38" wide.  

The leaves emerge frosty blue with a bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white during summer. Light lavender flowers in mid to late summer.  Mound size:  12" High x 24" wide.  

Leaves are a rich, blue-green, heavily corrugated; thick substance. Near white flowers on 30” scapesMound Size: 26” High x 49” Wide.  

Gigantic, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves are of heavy substance and are very slug resistant. Light lavender flowers are held attractively above the foliage on 48" scapes in midsummer.  Mound Size: 36” High x 48” Wide

Medium sized hosta with thick, slug resistant foliage. In spring, the leaves display a wide, creamy white margin and blue center. By summer, the margins have brightened to white and the center deepens to blue-green. During the heat of late summer, a greenish blush may appear over portions of the margin. Lavender flowers in midsummer.  Mound Size: 16” High by 30” Wide.

Leaves are shiny dark green that curl upward whiles the sides of the leaves turn downward. Rippled margins add to the beauty of this hosta. Purple bellshaped flowers appear in July. Moderate growth rate. Mound size: 16” High x 34” Wide

A large sized hosta with a moderate growth rate. Thick, heavily corrugated and puckered leaves are green with a brilliant gold center. In spring, the margin may have a waxy coating making it appear more blue, and the center may be more chartreuse. Thick leaves exhibit slug resistance. Forms a wide, tall clump, making it the perfect focal point for a shade garden. Near-white flowers sit just above the foliage in late spring or early summer.Mound Size: 20” High x 36” Wide

Deep green leaves; broadly ovate; corrugated; unruly; good substance. Very pale lavender flowers from late June into mid-July on 41” scapes. Medium to slow growth rate. Mound Size: 33” High by 75” wide

This hosta can easily be distinguished by its coarsely wavy leaves. It forms a cute miniature clump of thick, blue-green to green leaves and matures into a small, compact mound that is just the right size for troughs or the front of the border. Perfectly proportioned scapes carry the lavender flowers in early summer.  Mound Size: 8” High by 14” wide.

 A large hosta that forms an incredibly showy, cascading clump of green and white variegated foliage. Its foliage is notably upright
in youth, but quickly develops into a gracefully arching mound. The long, tapered, pointed leaves have bright green margins which jet towards the clear white center. In early summer, creamy white scapes carry light lavender flowers.  Mound Size: 28” High x 48” Wide.

This hosta forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves. Position this hosta where it will receive morning sun, as its chartreuse foliage will be brightest there. Mature plants will develop red speckled petioles. Lavender flowers top the clump in midsummer.  Mound Size: 6” High x 16” Wide.

This hosta emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season long. The large leaves have a prominent pie crust edge, adding
even more pizzazz to this colorful hosta. In mid to late summer, the foliage lightens to soft yellow and the clump is topped with pale lavender flowers.
Mound Size: 18” High x 30” Wide

. A very showy hosta with green leaves and crisp white margins. The sharply contrasting variegation can be spotted from quite a
distance and is even more eye-catching in late summer when the purple, bellshaped flowers appear.
Mound Size: 10” High x 24” Wide

Large, distinctive leaves have very wide, bluegreen margins and sharply contrasting creamy white centers. Leaves are nearly round and are corrugated. White flowers appear on 26" scapes in midsummer. Mound Size: 18” High x 30” Wide.

Leaves have a yellow gold margin with a bluegreen center. Near white flowers on 3-4’ scapes from late June into mid-July. Medium growth rate. Mound Size: 26” High x 50” Wide.

One of the largest Hostas available, dark green 'Empress Wu' matures to a height of 4ft in about five years.  Light lavender flowers appear on 5 foot tall scapes in midsummer.  Fast growth rate.  Mound size:  4' high x 5-6' wide. 

Heart-shaped leaves with wide, pure white centers and dark green margins. Lavender flowers in midsummer. Use this mediumsized hosta in containers, as a specimen, or planting en masse.   Mound Size: 20” High x 30” Wide.

Intense blue-green leaf center. In spring the leaves emerge with a gold margin then change to pure white later in the season. The leaves hold up well in the garden all season long until the "first frost". Light lavender flowers appear on 28 inch scapes in midsummer. Mound Size: 16” High x 36” Wide.

Leaves have blue-green margins; center gold early, changing to creamy white by mid-summer, especially with bright light; good substance. Near white flowers on 30” scapes from mid-June into July. Slow growth rate. Slug resistant.  Mound Size: 24” High x 50” Wide.

Huge, glossy, apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark green leaf margins just like an avocado. Leaf centers become brighter gold in summer and when exposed to more sunlight while the margins remain dark green. Very fragrant, flared, pale lavender flowers appear on 36" scapes in late summer. Rapid grower that displays good sun tolerance.Mound Size: 22” High x 38” Wide.

Large, thick, blue-green leaves display a white center in early spring. By late spring, a unique green misting appears over the white center. Mature plants tend to keep their white center longer in the spring. Dense clusters of light lavender flowers are produced in midsummer. Makes a fantastic speciman plant, especially in spring when the variegation is most pronounced.  .Mound Size: 24” High x 36” Wide.

A popular mid-sized, blue hosta; leaves are frosty blue-green and pointed. A superb grower with thick leaves that demonstrate good slug resistance. Pale blue-violet flowers appear on 28" scapes in midsummer. Attracts both hummingbirds and songbirds.  .Mound Size: 18” High x 36” Wide.

Corrugated, puckered, and folded leaves, with ruffling at the base. Glaucous blue-green, rounded leaves have a showy wide, feathery, white center with green jetting between the center and margin. Pale lavender flowers appear in early to midsummer. .Mound Size: 21" High x 32” Wide.

Leaves have a dark green center with a creamy yellow to white margin. Pale purple flowers from late August to September on 24” scapes.  Mound Size: 18" High x 49” Wide.

Small sized hosta great for containers or the front of the border. Leaves have wide, blue margins with yellow center that brighten to parchment by midsummer. Pale lavender flowers open just above the mound of foliage in late summer. Small and slow growing.Mound Size: 8" High x 15” Wide.

Wide, blue margin and apple green jetting contrast nicely with the creamy white center all season long. The leaves are of heavy substance, exhibiting good slug resistance in the landscape. This plant forms a large mound of attractive foliage topped with near-white flowers on white scapes in early summer.  Mound Size: 24" High x 24” Wide.

Massive, dome-shaped mound of bluegreen, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves. Its color is bluest in the springtime. Bluegreen scapes carry near-white, bell-shaped flowers in early summer.  Mound Size: 36" High x 7' Wide.

Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring. As summer approaches, the centers become more chartreuse when plants are grown in heavier shade or lighter yellow if they are grown in more sun. Showy red speckled petioles bleed up into the leaves. Dark lavender flowers appear on reddish green scapes in midsummer. Mound Size: 12" High x 18" Wide.

This hosta forms a distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in summer if planted in part sun. Lavender blue flowers appear on chartreuse scapes in mid to late summer.. Mound Size: 14" High x 26" Wide.

 Leaves are shiny, medium to dark green;  heavily rippled; good substance. Very pale lavender flowers in July. Medium to slow growth rate.. Mound Size: 24" High x 60" Wide.

Leaves are deep blue-green. Lavender flowers on 30” scapes in August. Medium growth rate. Mound Size: 18” High x 45” Wide.

This stunning hosta produces heart-shaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green margins. The narrow, creamy white markings in the center of the leaves shoot out from the cream colored petioles in a feathery pattern. Its thick substanced leaves with light lavender flowers in midsummer.  Mound Size: 10” High x 20” Wide.

Leaves are chartreuse changing to bright green. Pale lavender flowers on 24” scapes in July. Medium to fast growth rate.  Mound Size: 21” High x 46” Wide.

In spring, the rounded leaves of heavy substance are blue-green with a bright creamy yellow margin. By summer, the leaves transition to grey-green with a creamy white margin. Incredible substance. Lavender flowers on perfectly proportioned scapes appear in early summer.  Mound Size: 8” High x 12” Wide.

Leaves have a gold center with a medium green margin; wavy; corrugated; good substance. Pale lavender flowers on 28” scapes from mid-June into mid-July. Medium growth rate. Mound Size: 20” High x 48” Wide.

This vigorous yellow miniature hosta is the perfect size for troughs and the ever-popular fairy gardens. Short and narrow leaves hold their bright yellow color all season long. Since the leaves are so narrow, there isn’t a prominent leaf base, and the leaves simply taper to become part of the petiole. Lavender flowers appear above the petite habit in midsummer. Mound Size: 7” High x 15” Wide.

Huge 13", broadly ovate leaves are blue-green with 2" wide, yellow-green margins that lighten to cream in summer. Leaves are corrugated and of thick substance, making them slug-resistant. White, tubular flowers appear on 42" scapes in early to midsummer, followed by seed pods.  Mound Size: 36” High x 66” Wide.

Heart-shaped leaves have golden yellow centers and irregular, 1 inch wide, dark green margins. Light lavender flowers appear on 24 inch scapes in midsummer.  Mound Size: 14” High x 24” Wide.

This cute small hosta grows quickly to form a compact clump of thick, rugose, distinctly cupped leaves that are yellow with broad, deep green margins at maturity. The centers of the leaves are chartreuse in spring and brighten as the season progresses. Light lavender flowers are produced in early to midsummer.  Mound Size: 9” High x 19” Wide.

 Plant forms a tight clump of powdery blue, lightly cupped leaves of thick substance and it keeps its showy color all season long. Pale lavender flowers top the clump in mid to late summer.  Mound Size: 14” High x 36” Wide.

Leaves of extremely thick substance have wide, blue margins and a narrow, light green center that brightens to yellow. They are cupped and puckered, forming a medium to large sized clump in the landscape. White flowers top the scapes in early to midsummer. This durable hosta exhibits greater sun tolerance than many other hostas, though partial shade is still best. Mound Size: 20” High x 30” Wide.

Wide; semi-upright. Leaves are shiny green with white underside. Purple flowers on 24-30 inch scapes from late July into August. Medium to fast growth rate.  Mound Size: 19” High x 32”

Intense blue leaves are set off by the striking chartreuse to yellow center and green jetting between the center and the margin. Leaves are of exceptionally heavy substance. Lavender flowers appear on 22 inch scapes in midsummer. Mound Size: 16” High x 24” Wide.

 Leaves are bright blue, yielding to a shiny dark green in late summer; heavily rippled margin; somewhat unruly; good substance. Pale purple flowers produced on 30” scapes in August. Medium to fast growth rate.  Mound Size: 14” High x 29” Wide.

This beautifully ruffled hosta is a thrill to behold!  Blue, rippled leaves hold their color all season long. Lavender flowers appear on proportionate flower scapes.  Mound Size: 15” High x 32” Wide.

This delightfully fun, extremely ruffled hosta makes a distinctive specimen in shade gardens and containers. Its green leaves have cream margins which widen as the plants mature, and the leaves are of good substance, making them more slug resistant. Light lavender flowers appear midseason.  Mound Size: 18” High x 24” Wide.

A unique looking hosta that lives up to its fun name! Bright yellow leaves are very long and thin and notable for their incredibly wavy margins. It forms a low, wide habit that really highlights the "wiggly" edges. Leaves will be more chartreuse green in more shade: for best yellow color, plant in a site with morning sun and afternoon shade. Lavender flowers.  Mound Size: 8-10” High x 24” Wide

This large hosta is prized for holding its beautiful blue color long into the season, even when planted in 2/3 day of sun. Its huge leaves emerge slowly, exhibiting a unique cupped, rippled, corrugated texture.  They unfold slowly as they mature. Since they are of thick substance, the leaves are more slug resistant. This large hosta has a good growth rate compared to some other large blues. Near-white flowers begin to appear in midsummer and last into late summer.  Mound Size: 23” High x 38” Wide.