Medium sized, seedless, firm, red fruit is good for table use, juice, jelly and wine. Fruit keeps on vine for a long time. Vigorous, hardy, reliable. Plant in full sun, 8-10 feet apart.

Large clusters of sweet flavored berries, excellent for juice and jelly. Ripens mid-season. Hardy, productive vine. Plant in full sun, 5-6 feet apart.

Fast growing vine with large clusters of bluish-black grapes. Good table grape or for pies, juice, jelly. Ripens mid-season. Self-fertile. Plant in full sun, 6-12 feet apart.

Large black berries with thick skin, firm and juicy flesh. Ripens early. vigorous, hardy productive vine. Plant in full sun, 10-12 feet apart.

Medium sized seedless, golden-yellow fruit on large, loose clusters. Pure, sweet, delicate flavor is good for table use. Good disease resistance. Good for home gardening. Self-fertile. Plant in full sun, 4-6 feet apart

Medium sized, yellowish, green-white fruit on large, tight clusters. Crisp, juicy flesh is sweet. Excellent flavor. Good for table use- juice, jellies and wine. Vigorous, hardy, heavy producer. Plant in full sun, 10-12 feet apart. Harvest early September.

Large deep blue berries on medium to large clusters. Fruit is sweet, juicy with a flavor similar to ‘Concord’ Good for jam, jelly, wine and juices. Mildew Resistant. Plant in full sun, 10-12 feet apart. Vigorous and very hardy.

Large, tight clusters of deliciously sweet, tangy grapes with exceptional dessert qualities. Very productive and vigorous. Disease resistant vines. Ripen in late August.

Round, spicy-sweet red seedless grape. Ripens in early September with hardiness to -10ºF.