This plant produces extremely large sized bright red attractive fruit 12 to 15 berries per quart. It is by far the best tasting big berry ever! Winter hardiness and disease resistance. Late mid-season variety.

Cavendish strawberry's produce high yields that ripen over a long growing season. Excellent flavor and freezing qualities. Cavendish is highly resistant to red stele and has some resistance to Verticillium wilt. 

Perfect choice for canning. High yields of uniform, medium-size deep red fruit with outstanding flavor, premium sweetness. Disease resistant. Early season variety.

A foolproof strawberry plant, it combines winter hardiness, high productivity, good appearance and color, together with an excellent, firm, large-sized berry.  The large berries are easy to pick, and produce high yields over a long fruiting season.  Excellent freezing quality.  Mid-season variety.

Heralded for its wonderful flavor, Jewel strawberries produce very large, wide fruit of superb quality. Great for fresh eating--with or without sugar. Winter-hardy plants are vigorous and consistently produce large crops. Late mid-season variety.

Seascape is a day-neural variety that produces fruit repeatedly through the growing season. The large, conical-shaped berries are bright red inside and out with exquisite flavor that keeps you wanting more. One of the most productive and disease resistant everbearers.