Engle’s Farm, Greenhouses and Garden Center have the best selection of shade trees, evergreen trees, nut trees, fruit trees and flowering trees in the area!

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Engle’s has 57 varieties of Maple Trees, 18 varieties of flowering Crab Apple Trees and 33 varieties of Apple Trees.  As you look thru our 30 pages of trees you will surely be impressed and know that Engle’s Farm, Greenhouses and Garden Center are worth the trip for variety.

Maple Trees

Planting trees are multi-functional and can enhance any home. They can decorate your yard or driveway. They can cover high foundations, or help control storm water runoff and so much more. Three of the most popular varieties of nursery trees we grow include dogwood, oak and maple trees.

Fruit Trees

Apple Trees
Apple · Apricot · Persimmon · Fig · Nectarine · Peach · Plum · Cherry · Quince

Nut Trees

Pecan · Hazelnut · Walnut

Evergreen Trees

Douglas Fir

Cedar · Spruce (Over 20 Varieties) · Pine (19 varieties) · Fir

Shade Trees and Flowering Trees

Flowering Dogwood Tree

Birch · Beech · Ash · Locust · Maple · Redbud · Cypress · Hydrangea · Crabapple · Oak-Dogwood · Redwood · Locust · Willow · Hawthorn · Linden · Hemlock · Elm